Sony 13-inch Digital Paper In White Looks Even More Like A Piece Of Paper

If you haven’t heard, Sony DPT-CP1 10-inch Digital Paper has a bigger brother, the Sony DPT-RP1 13-inch Digital Paper. It is basically the DPT-CP1, but larger for seeing and writing more. We have just received a note from Sony, announcing a new color option, white, for the Sony DPT-RP1 13-inch Digital Paper. The new, white […]

Future KIA And Hyundai Cars Will Have Solar Charging Roof And Hood

Thinking out-of-the-box is a NOT thing with most automakers. Tell them the goal is to reduce emissions, they give you hybrid or electric vehicles. While KIA and Hyundai also does the same, their latest plan will make them stands out. KIA Motors and its parent company, Hyundai, has revealed plans to introduce ‘solar roof’ charging […]

iameco Has A Wooden Laptop That Is Designed To Be Truly Sustainable

You can’t say you are a ‘green’ person if you are still using a conventional laptop. What you need to complete your ‘green’ status is this: an eco-friendly wooden laptop like the iameco D4R Wooden Laptop you see here. I am not even kidding you. This laptop broke the convention by going with a wood […]

Meet Sony’s Newest Paperless Office Solution, The 10-inch Digital Paper

There is a lot of talk about plastics harming the environment, but papers aren’t doing our lovely Blue Marble any good either. While papers are generally recyclable, they are not truly sustainable. Due to the growing populations, humans simply get grow enough trees to cover what has been deforested. This is an area Sony aims […]

Norsepower Turned Giant Vessels Into Sail Boats With High-Tech “Sails”

Those cylinders sticking out of the vessel you see here are sails. However, as you can see, it is not the typical sails you are familiar with. Technically, it works like a sail and therefore, you can still call it a sail, but instead of providing an area of resistance for winds to push the […]

Yolk Revolutionized Solar Charging With Thin Like Paper Solar Paper

Solar charging has come a long way and with Solar Paper from Yolk, it went even further. Solar Paper is exactly what it sounds like” it is a paper thin portable solar charger that claims to weigh just 1/3 of its competitors and it is super efficient too, capable of topping up an iPhone 6 […]

Riversimple Wants To Popularize Hydrogen Car By Open Sourcing

Toyota and Honda may have made headway in fuel cell technology, but they did not really built their fuel cell cars from the ground up, or at least, not quite according to a young British automobile brand, Riversimple. Riversimple is startup who have developed a hydrogen-powered car called The Rasa that goes beyond plucking out […]

Sweden’s Electrified Road Is Like A Life-size Scalextric

This piece of news is not a follow up to tram-ish electric highway we reported last year. It is also in Sweden, though. As you may have already noticed, this electric road, or electrified road as it rightly is, is not an eyesore like the one that has overhead electric lines. In fact, unless you […]

This Classy Outdoor Canopy Aims To Provide Free Electricity To Your Home

You have a yard (back or front) and you need a shade for the outdoor, so why not leverage on it (the shade) to create free electricity for your home? Sure, you can cover your entire roof with Tesla Solar Roof, but the initial cost of investment is not for everyone. So, before you have […]

Dutch Company Wants To Use Crows To Clean Up City Of Cigarette Butts

Apparently, each year, the number of cigarette butts discarded onto the streets of the Netherlands outnumbered the population of the country by over 350 times and as you might have imagined, to clean up the astronomical number of cigarette butts would be an insurmountable task. What’s more is, you can’t just leave them be because, […]