even the so-called adventure purists can’t live without electronics gears when out in the wild as evidence by the existence of gadgets like satellite phones (which has been around for decades) and for that, we have reasons to believe that average folks like us would not fancy living without power – even though we might not even have cell signals, but that’s beside the point. anyway, if camping out in the woods is your kind of fun, we think you and FlameStower here might become best friends in no time. like the BioLite CampStove, it rides on the heat generated by your wilderness cooking routine to charge your various USB-powered devices such as your smartphone, tablet, camera, and perhaps you portable Bluetooth speakers. basically, all the stuff that shouldn’t be bringing if you really want to be in touch with the nature, but then as we all found out the hard way that we can’t actually live without them. in another words, we just can’t live with just cricket symphony, or owls belting out solos.

unlike the CampStove, it doesn’t have a “furnace” to burn your twigs or whatever, instead the FlameStower is designed to capture the excess heat from your separate burner or portable stove to generate power to keep your gadgets alive and kicking in the wild. there’s a video showing the device in action, but the FlameStower in the video appears to be a working prototype and the final product you would be seeing should be something sleek like what you see in the above image. so style-conscious, gadget-toting, outdoor enthusiasts take note. the FlameStower is available for pre-order now for $59.99 ea. head past the jump for a few more product look and also the aforementioned video.

FlameStower via werd.

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