Creative professionals and content creators who are looking for a new workstation PC may want to take a look at the new Maingear Pro WS Workstation PC. Available as both custom and pre-configured systems, the Maingear Pro WS Workstation PC is optimized for various creative applications.

Maingear Pro WS Workstation PC

Buyers can procure the Maingear Pro WS optimized for their intended use, including for Adobe Creative Cloud, AutoCAD, Blender, Cinema 3D and more.

That’s not all. Maingear has went out out, working with Luxion to create optimized configurations for use with Luxion 3D rendering and animation software, KeyShot. These are available as “Recommended By Luxion” branded systems.

Key highlights include up to 4 high-end graphics cards, up to Intel 10980XE and AMD Threadripper 3990X with up to 64 cores and 128 threads, up to 256 GB of memory, up to 72 TB of storage space, custom PWM smart fan controller for ultra-quiet cooling, support for native Thunderbolt 3, Windows 10 Pro, MARC III customizable artwork or logo, and finally, unlike the current luxe option (you know which wink wink), Pro WS is easily self-upgradable.

Maingear Pro WS Workstation PC has a starting price of $1,999.

Maingear Pro WS Workstation PC
Maingear Pro WS Workstation PC

Images: Maingear.

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