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just imagine this: when you are out vacationing, you received a SMS with this message: “Alert! The basement is flooding!” if the aforementioned scenario is what you wished for, then you are in luck. Supermechanical, the firm that gives furniture digital DNA, has conceived the TWINE, a nifty little gadget that will let you do the aforementioned notification with ease, and the best part is, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get it going. basically, TWINE is a durable rubbery square, measuring 2.5-by-2.5-inch, with WiFi connectivity, internal and external sensors that allows user to quickly set up with simple layman comprehensible rules via a simple web app. some of things that user could do with the TWINE includes hooking up to notify user when the laundry is done, the doors have been open, and among the many others. users can choose to share these information via Twitter or even, send them via text messages to themselves. if you have the right skills, you can even connect your own sensors and expand the possibility of TWINE and what it can do. out of the box, the TWINE includes an internal temperature sensor and accelerometer, as well as external sensors like magnetic switch and breakout board that offers analog or digital input. Supermechanical is seeking funding to make this product a reality, and you show your support by making your pledge over at Supermechanical’s Kickstarter page. as usual, by making a pledge you are essentially pre-ordering your very own TWINE. check out a short product introduction video after the break.
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