Caviar iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max Titanic Edition

There is nothing to celebrate about a tragedy of the Titanic, but we can always have a piece that reminds us of its grandeur and tragedy. The Caviar iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max Titanic Edition is such a piece, but as expected from the maestro of luxe phones, it comes a rather hefty price. But more on that in a bit.

Anywho, there’s one thing you can celebrate with this Titanic edition: there’s no camera bump (yay!) because, the entire back is a bump. Unfortunately, because of a few fancy bits and the requisite tri-camera setup, some elevations are to be expected. The tri-camera is one, but most notably are the four “portholes”.

Caviar iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max Titanic Edition

Of the three “regular” size portholes, two propellers flanked a pitometer, and a larger “porthole” contains a fragment of the actual shipwreck of the RMS Titanic that lies 12,500 feet, some 370 miles south-southeast off the coast of Newfoundland.

The four “portholes” are surrounded by engraved image of an anchor and ocean waves that appears to be swallowing the ship and as you can see, the entire phone is finished in blackened titanium. Rounding up the Titanic-themed design is an inscription of builder of the ill-fated Titanic, Harland and Wolff.

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At its heart, Caviar iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max Titanic Edition, is just a regular iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max. What you’d be getting is an exquisitely crafted iPhone that has just 10 copies world wide, each with a starting price of $7,500. Apparently, there’s only 3 left, so, if you want one, you have to act on it fast.

The Caviar iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max Titanic Edition was part of Caviar Discovery series which also includes the super luxe Solarius we saw last year.

Images: Caviar.