Chogokin Gundam and Char’s Zaku II Hello Kitty Figure

If you are super fan of Hello Kitty who have the need to collect every iteration of the mouthless anime character, well then, you are not going to miss out on the new Hello Kitty, Gundam Chogokin crossover.

The iconic mech clashed with the lovable Sanrio character last year in a project known as Gundam vs. Hello Kitty where Gundam emerged victorious. For 2020, the “war” is over and now, the two join forces to spread love and peace in, well, Love and Peace Gundam & Hello Kitty Project.

The two first came together for the 40th anniversary of Chogokin in 2019 and for 2020, fans will be getting a mash up of the lovable Hello Kitty in two “do-not-mess-with-the-Kitty” guises: Chogokin Gundam Hello Kitty and Chogokin Char’s Zaku II Hello Kitty. Basically, they are Chogokin robot version of Hello Kitty.

And I am not going to lie. They look pretty damn cool. Especially the RX-78-2 Gundam version. OK. I may be biased here but anyways…

The Chogokin Gundam Hello Kitty and Char’s Zaku II Hello Kitty figures will be released in July 2020 in Japan for 7,480.00 Yen (about US$69, tax included) and it will be subsequently released in 22 regions around the world. Though it is not clear the 22 regions include and also international pricing is not known.

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Before you go, you may want to know how Kitty got her hands on the two awesome Chogokin robot suits in this video:

Images: Bandai Spirits.

Source: Anime News Network.