If you want an expansive view when gaming, you can either go for a huge wide screen display, or hook up multiple displays. The former has its limitation in terms of how wide it can go, while the latter is obviously wider, you will have to put up with interrupting vertical bezels that exist between monitors. It is a tough choice to make, but with the ASUS Bezel-free Kit, we’d say go for the multi-display setup because, this nifty accessory showcased at the just concluded CES will make the annoying bezels magically disappear. OK. It will not ‘delete’ the bezel per se. In fact, the right words to use here would be “creating an illusion of disappearing bezels,” or “optical obfuscation.”

ASUS Bezel-free Kit for Multiple Monitor Setup
Close up of the kit.

Leveraging on light refraction, ASUS ROG Bezel-free Kit uses vertical lenses to connect each monitor at 130-degree angle to allow up to 90 percent light of a monitor to permeate, thus creating an illusion of the connected monitors as one super wide display. However, don’t expect it to be perfect; the bezel zone between the monitors will be a tad dimmer since light passing through isn’t 100 percent. But for now, this is perhaps your best bet if you want to get rid of the intruding vertical bezels. There is another caveat though. As of now, the ASUS ROG Bezel-free Kit only works if the multi-display setup is using either ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q or Strix XG258Q.

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However, ASUS did mention that it can be easily adapted to fit additional displays. Not sure if the “additional displays” here mean other makes and models, or just those from ASUS. Price and availability of this magic accessory are not immediately available, but rest assure it is coming.

Image: ASUS.

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