Anyone having issue with Apple AirPods falling out of the ears need the Elago Ear Hook for Apple AirPods. As the product name suggest, this product adds ear hook to your Apple AirPods, thus preventing them from doing the dive during vigorous activities.

Elago Ear Hook for Apple AirPods

They are made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) which will stay their shape, comfy to wear even for extended periods (or so we heard) and yet remain bendable, allowing the ear hooks to change the form to fit most human ears.

Each ear hook has a hole punch at the end for looping straps or clips to keep them together. And you know what? With the Elago Ear Hook for Apple AirPods, it kind of make the sticking stem look a little less awkward.

The Elago Ear Hook for Apple AirPods can be yours for just US$8.79 from

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Images: Elago.

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