Elago New AirPods Case Pays Homage To Classic iPod, Adds Keychain Functionality Too

While the Apple AirPods itself is not a music player, we thought the Elago AW6 AirPods Hang Case is an apt homage to the music player that pretty much kick started the digital music revolution.

You Can Turn Your Apple Watch Into A Classic iPod With Elago W6 Stand For Apple Watch

Elago, the gadget accessory maker most notable for its quirky stands for Apple Watch that take the form of nostalgic Apple products like the iMac G3 and the classic Macintosh, is back with a new Apple Watch stand. This time, Elago pays homage to the first MP3 player from the Cupertino tech giant, the classic […]

This Apple Watch Stand Will Turn Your Apple Watch Into A Miniature iMac G3

Did you ever, while glancing at your Apple Watch, reminisces about the iMac that started it all, the G3? Well, if you did (and sometimes still do), the Elago W4 Stand is for you. Like Elago’s previous offerings, including the one that ‘transform’ your iPhone and Apple Watch into a miniature Macintosh machine, the Elago […]

This Stand Will Make Your iPhone Looks Like A Classic Macintosh, Kind Of

Remember the novel accessory that turn your Apple Watch into a miniature classic Macintosh of sort? Well, the same folks behind it has done it again, this time it wants your iPhone 7, 6 or 6s to masquerade as a classic Macintosh. There’s a catch though. Firstly, it won’t be as convincing or even as […]

Awesome Accessory Turn Your Apple Watch Into A Cute Macintosh 128K

Apple fans who have a nostalgic feeling for the good’ol Macintosh may want to check out the Elago W3 Stand for Apple Watch 1 & 2. Ok. Maybe I should have said Apple Watch users instead cos’ obviously, not all Apple fans fancy Apple Watch. Anyways, the product image is pretty self-explanatory. The product shares […]