There is really no need to put a case on the Apple TV. You won’t bring it on the road anyways, plus the little black box is pretty sleek to be left as is. However, if you must, there is actually cases for it.

Elago T4 Apple TV Case

Yes. Believe it. Cases for Apple TV. I guess that is the one accessory for those who has everything in life. NO? Anywho.. the Elago T4 Apple TV Case is totally worthy of a mention because, it will make your Apple TV look like a classic Nintendo video game console, albeit one that is incredibly adorable because of Apple TV’s chunky stature.

Now, we all know what the Elago T4 Apple TV Case looks like, even though Elago did not specifically said what it is – as in most instances with Elago’s products (for obvious legal reasons).

Elago T4 Apple TV Case

Back when video console was just picking up, there are a lot of wannabe consoles that look something like this. So, I guess this is a legit console lookalike even if it does not look like the NES we know.

If you really find the need to cover your Apple TV, this would be a fun case. I am sure it will bring back a flood of nostalgic in those who grew up in the 80s. Moreover, making it look like a console is totally fitting since you can play game on Apple TV now that there is Apple Arcade.

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Get it from for US$24.99 a pop. Also available in black.

Elago T4 Apple TV Case
Elago T4 Apple TV Case

Images: Elago.

Hat tip: Yanko Design.

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