You have heard of the airbag vests for motorcyclists. Now meet the Motorcycle Airbag Jeans by Airbag Inside Sweden AB. Just like the inflatable vests that has been around for decades, the Motorcycle Airbag Jeans leverage on airbags to protect the rider in the event of a fall.

The airbags are lined along the length of the jeans and also like the vest version, the jeans have to be tethered to the bike. If the rider falls off his or her bike, the sudden tension on the tether line will trigger the inflation. The principle is the same as the safety clip you have seen being used on treadmill, or static line used to open parachutes automatically for paratroopers.

The jeans can be use over and over again. All you need to do is to deflate and reassemble the airbags, refilled it with gas, and it is good to go. The jeans itself is super tough too. The denim is made from UHMWPE fibers, a material first invented to be used in space, which fiber is said to outperform Aramid fibers in abrasion tests. In addition, the material is 14x stronger than steel while 8x lighter than steel.

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Motorcycle Airbag Jeans will eventually hit the market, but exactly when and for how much, are yet to be announced. Meanwhile, you can get yourself signed up to be notified when Airbag Jeans are launched.

Image credit: Airbag Inside Sweden AB.

Source: Jalopnik.

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