Jaguar C-type Continuation Car

The problem with owning a classic car from, say, the 50s, is the maintenance. At more than half a century old, things will fail which leads to more workshop time than on-the-road time. That’s not mention the bills that will come with it. But that won’t happen to this 1950s Jaguar C-type because, it is a brand new classic.

The Jaguar C-type Continuation Car, as it is called, is a new factory-built example of the ultimate 1953 Le Mans 24 Hours-winning C-type. It is like going back to the 50s, grabbing the legend and chuck it into the time machine and head back to 2021. That’s basically what the Jaguar C-type Continuation Car is about.

The Jaguar C-type Continuation Car is created in limited number to celebrate 70 years of double Le Mans-winning legend. The fully authentic new disc-braked Jaguar C-types will be hand-built by Jaguar Classic experts at Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works facility in Coventry, U.K.

Jaguar C-type Continuation Car

The car can be built to customer’s specification too – thanks to a new online configurator that brings 3D CAD engineering data to life, allowing prospective customers to specific their perfect C-type virtually.

Anyone who is interested may learn more on the full range of cars, services, parts and experiences Jaguar Classic has to offer HERE.

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Jaguar C-type Continuation Car

All images courtesy of Jaguar.