Jaguar XE SV Pro Project 8 By SVO Will Be The Most Powerful Jag Ever

This will definitely come as a delight for any Jaguar fan. The upcoming Jaguar XE SV Project 8 served up by Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations is destined to be the “the most powerful, agile and extreme Jaguar.” Engineered and hand-assembled by SVO at its Technical Center in Coventry, U.K, the compact luxury sedan’s […]

Vote So This Ultra Realistic LEGO Jaguar E-Type Roadster Can Be A Reality

LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS took realism in scale LEGO model to the next level, but can the same level of realism achieved or surpassed without Technic parts? As it turns, it can, as proven by LEGO Ideas contributor Ozzyeatingbats’ (no prize for guessing who this talented pal idolizes) creation called Jaguar E-Type Roadster.

Jaguar’s XKSS Continuation Model Launched, Snapped Up In A Flash

We don’t know how much the Jaguar XKSS Limited Edition Roadster cost, but we won’t bother to find out cos’ only nine examples will be made and they are all spoken for. Anywho, the car is slated to make its world debut this November in California, coinciding with the opening of the Los Angeles Auto […]

1:5 Scale Jaguar XK120 Is A Kiddie Ride For Grown Ups That Goes 38MPH

Costing nearly two third of an entry level Jaguar XE and almost 70 percent pricer than the cheapest car in the United States, the Adult’s Jaguar XK120 Mini Roadster is certainly a luxury to have just like its real-life counterpart. And at 1:5 scale, this is the kiddie ride for grown ups, which means, it […]

Unofficial Jaguar Naked Concept Car Looks Like It Belongs To Year 3016

Ask a car designer to dream up of a concept car, you will be greeted with out-of-this-world concepts that are somehow limited by corporate red tapes, but ask a bunch of not-tied-to-corporate designers to imagine what cars of the future would be like, you get a mind-blowing vehicle like the Jaguar Naked Concept you see […]

It’s Official. Jaguar C-X75 Will Be The Villain’s Ride in Bond Movie Spectre

You already know the next James Bond flick, Spectre, will feature the specially designed Aston Martin DB10 as the hero’s ride and probably had caught wind about Jaguar Land Rover’s involvement in the movie too. Well, the rumor has been confirmed. Jaguar Land Rover has let out the official words on their involvement in this […]

Project 7MC Is What Happens If Jaguar Were To Make A Sports Bike

There is no telling if British luxury car maker Jaguar will ever make motorcycles, but if it did, we sure hope it will look like the Jaguar Project 7MC, a concept bike dreamed up by Hungary-based designer Tamás Jakus (of Jakusa Design). Jakus is no stranger to conceptualizing dream rides, be it two- or four-wheeled, […]

Jaguar Wants To Eliminate Blindspots Forever With ‘Transparent’ Pillars

After previewing the transparent hood and the virtual windscreen in the first half of 2014, Jaguar Land Rover is back with a new piece car tech with the aim of making driving an even safer affair. While the transparent hood takes on the off-road terrain and the virtual windscreen is focus on race track, this […]

Jaguar F-Type To Get Six-speed Manual Transmission and All-Wheel Drive, Just Not Both Together

Before you Jag fans get all too excited. The manual transmission and all-wheel drive on the new F-Type will be mutually exclusive. Meaning it is either or, and not both. Kind of a let down, but if you have pockets deeper than the Mariana Trench, you can consider scoring both the F-Type R or the […]