Jaguar Is Selling Brand New Factory Built 1953 Le Mans 24 Hours-winning C-type

The problem with owning a classic car from, say, the 50s, is the maintenance. At more than half a century old, things will fail which leads to more workshop time than on-the-road time. That’s not mention the bills that will come with it. But that won’t happen to this 1950s Jaguar C-type because, it is […]

Jaguar Land Rover Developed A 3D-Printed Glove To Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorder

What you see here is a glove, a 3D printed glove from Jaguar Land Rover’s Garden site, also the home to one of the largest 3D printing facilities in the U.K. Yes. Affirmative. That is a glove, alright. However, it is not the glove you thought you know.

Land Rover Marks The Unveiling Of New Land Rover Defender With A LEGO Technic Defender Model

The newly unveiled 2020 Land Rover Defender is a long way to becoming the icon its forebears were, but already, Land Rover has, in partnership with Danish toy maker LEGO, unveiled a LEGO Technic version of the Land Rover Defender to mark the Defender’s unveiling.

The Land Rover Defender Reimagined For Modern Times, Makes Me Love The Oldies More

The legend in off-road motoring in the good old British tradition, the Land Rover Defender, was declared “dead” in 2015. After mourning its demise, we just forget about it. Only picking up news about some delightful restoration examples here and there between then and now. Then, all of sudden, we heard our favorite TV personality, […]

Autonomous Pods With “Eyes” Is Like Pixar’s Cars In Real Life

Autonomous vehicles are going to be here sooner or later, and this inevitable arrival will lead to mistrust, simply because there is no one behind the wheel of these self-driving cars (remember how I, Robot plays out? Yeah. Something like that). To quell this mistrust in pedestrians, Jaguar Land Rover has came up with a […]

Land Rover Set To Restored The 70-Year-Old Original 4×4 Prototype

Jaguar Land Rover group has an interesting project planned for 2018. The company has found one of the three original pre-production prototypes 4×4 that made their debut at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1948. The vehicle was apparently bought by someone in the 60s and when it was found, it was in such a dilapidated […]

New Range Rover Is Not Just Luxurious, But It Is Silent Too

Land Rover fans who are a tad eco-conscious can now look the marque’s 2018 Range Rover because, this luxury off-roader has now gone a teeny weeny bit greener – thanks to the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) drivetrain made up of a longitudinally-mounted 300 PS (221 kW or about 295 HP) 2L four-pot Ingenium petrol engine and […]

Red Cross Land Rover Has A Drone That Can Land Even Vehicle Is Moving

As Amazon plots the ambitious plan to have a drone mothership for its future delivery drones, the rest of the world, specifically the automobile industry, remains pretty much grounded and thinking of how best they could leverage on this drone technology in automobiles. The earliest we recall was the three-year old concept from Renault, but […]

Jaguar And Shell In-Car Payment System For Fuel To Kick Off In The UK

Well, what do you know? It looks like Jaguar has beaten Honda to making in-car payment for fuel a reality. This Jaguar and U.S. oil and gas giant Shell announced the launch of the first payment system by a car last week (February 15) and as part of this in-car payment, new Jaguar models will […]