Jaguar Land Rover 3D-printed Glove

What you see here is a glove, a 3D printed glove from Jaguar Land Rover’s Garden site, also the home to one of the largest 3D printing facilities in the U.K. Yes. Affirmative. That is a glove, alright. However, it is not the glove you thought you know.

Typical glove protects your hands from cuts, or from getting dirty. But this lattice-style glove is, despite the multiple “holes”, is much stronger than fending off dirt or cuts.

The glove is designed to protect its wearers, specifically Jaguar Land Rover employees working at the production line, from the threat of musculoskeletal disorder.

The lattice-style structure provides support to reduce muscle fatigue while at the same time, flexible and comfy to wear for extended hours.

The glove has been trialed and the team behind it is now working on a second-generation prototype that will include foam pad made of impact additive D30 to absorb impacts.

What makes this 3D-printed glove even more awesome is, it is part of a wider future plan of the group to use the technologies to assist those with muscle weakness or patients who suffer from physical or neurological disorders and eventually, helping them to return to work.

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Image: Jaguar Land Rover.