Porsche x Boeing Urban Air Mobility Vehicle

Before you go ga-ga over this, please let it be known that Porsche is NOT making flying cars. At least not yet. The German sports car maker merely has an agreement with America aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, to explore the premium urban air mobility market.

In other words, it is a study in which the two companies and their relevant subsidiaries will “investigate” the possibility (read: “we are looking into it”), or as Porsche puts it “explore the premium urban air mobility market and the extension of urban traffic into airspace.”

Porsche x Boeing Urban Air Mobility Vehicle

With that being said, I really can’t see what Porsche can contribute here. Perhaps, on the design aspect? Especially for the interior like some automobile makers have done for aircraft. I mean. Lets get real. Anything that flies is Boeing’s domain. It is their thing.

Perhaps, this collaboration would see the two building upon Boeing autonomous passenger air vehicle which the U.S. aircraft maker is already working on?

Anywho, with this Memorandum of Understanding signed, Porsche has joined a handful of automakers who are raring to take to the skies, including the likes of Audi and Rolls-Royce.

Images: Boeing/Porsche AG.