2024 CUPRA Formentor and CUPRA Leon

CUPRA, the former performance model of Spanish automaker SEAT that took a life of its own in 2018, has always been synonymous with performance and sleek look. But anything that SEAT has rolled out—except for the all-electric Tavascan—will not turn heads like the marque’s new design language, until now.

The new design language, presented on the new CUPRA Formentor and CUPRA Leon, screams fast and furious. Not going to lie. The sharp lines, especially on the Formentor, feel like it would be the ride of choice of the Nazgûl if the wraiths ever drive.

The Formentor looks like a mutated Lamborghini (in a good way) with the exaggerated lines. It has a look that instills fear. The same goes for the Leon but I must say, the Leon is a lot tamer in aspect.

The new design language features a CUPRA logo on the hood that serves as a bold center point to the shark-nosed face that lends the vehicle an aggressive look. The triangular matrix LED lights, and a big, bold lower mouth further adds to the ready-to-pounce, aggressive appearance.

Adding more character to the cars are the new matte paint works, namely, Century Bronze and Enceladus Grey.

On the inside, the duo rocks a sporty and sustainable cabin featuring a digital cockpit, a 12.9” infotainment system, bucket seats with recycled microfiber or eco-friendly leather, and a 12-speaker Sennheiser sound system developed with the renowned German audio equipment maker.

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The new 2025 CUPRA Formentor is a crossover SUV while the CUPRA Leon is offered as a 5-door hatchback and a Sportstourer (station wagon).

Both models offer a wide range of powertrains featuring four technologies: TSI (petrol), mild hybrid (eTSI), TDI (diesel), and eHybrid (plug-in hybrid). The latter is the new generation of plug-in hybrid that delivers 272 PS and offers over 100 km (62 miles) all-electric range. It is also compatible with fast charge (up to 50 kW DC charge).

But the power-hungry may want to direct their attention to the CUPRA Formentor and the CUPRA Leon Sportstourer exclusively motor: a new petrol engine option (TSI) that puts out 333 PS with torque splitter technology and Akebono brakes.

You may learn more about the new 2024 CUPRA Formentor and CUPRA Leon, as well as the CUPRA Leon Sportstourer on cupraofficial.com.

Images: CUPRA.