Remember Chaise Longue? The double deck economy seating arrangement that kind of resembles Airbus’ “evil plan” to stack passengers? Well, we have bad news. The dude who started it as a university project has taken it further; Alejandro Núñez Vicente, the brainchild behind this crazy concept, has started a company, aptly called Chaise Longue, to pursue this “revolutionary” economy seat arrangement.

Chaise Longue Double Deck Economy Seat Concept

However, unlike Airbus’ goal of packing in more passengers, Alejandro harbors no ill intention. As bizarre as the concept is, the stacking arrangement actually benefits economy passengers in the area of legroom. Travelers on the lower tier can even stretch out their legs a la-first-class style.

Over the last year, Alejandro has worked full-time to tweak the design to bring the concept closer to his ideal perfection. Recently, the man and his team brought the fruit of his labors so far to the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany. Naturally, it made the headlines once again because, obviously it is going to. I mean stacking people has always been controversial.

While it is unclear if Alex’s idea will take flight, it has already been implemented in the metaverse.

Images: Instagram (alex.nvb).

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via ars technica.

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