Active noise-canceling true wireless sound earbuds may have been around for a while but the prices never seem to dip. If you want a pair with ANC from a well-known brand, it’s going to cost you. Well, not if Skullcandy can help it. Skullcandy has just announced an all-new collection called Rail that packs premium, easy-to-use features that will be light on your wallet.

Skullcandy Rail ANC and Rail True Wireless Earbuds

The collection includes two new TWS earbud models, the Rail ANC and Rail True Wireless Earbuds. The Skullcandy Rail ANC packs 12 mm drivers and boasts 4-mic Active Noise Canceling technology, and offers up to 10 hours of battery life with an additional 28 hours from the charging case.

In all, the Rail ANC offers up to 38 hours of battery life, well, that’s with the ANC off. With ANC on, it provides over 27 hours in total which is not too shabby, IMHO.

Meanwhile, the Rail True Wireless Earbuds boast up to 42 hours of battery (earbuds: 8 hours; charging case: 34 hours). It, too, supports Rapid Charge which gets you 2 hours of playtime with just 10 minutes of charging. Both models boast Persona Sound by Mimi and Skull-iQ Smart Feature Technology.

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Skullcandy Rail ANC and Rail True Wireless Earbuds

The former tunes your audio experience to your unique hearing ability by taking a real-time audio test to create a Personal Sound Profile for optimized audio levels while Skull-iQ Smart Feature Technology lets you issue simple, hands-free voice commands to turn on and adjust Stay-Aware Mode, activate device assistant, launch Spotify Tap, Take Photo, and more.

Other common features include an IP55 rating for sweat, water, and dust resistance, Over-the-Air updates via the Skull-iQ app, built-in Tile Finding technology, AI-imbued Clear Voice Smart Mic, multipoint pairing, preset and custom EQ modes, customizable button functions, True Wireless via Bluetooth 5.2 technology.

The Rail ANC is available in a True Black colorway and the Rail is offered in True Black and Bone.

The new Skullcandy Rail ANC and Rail True Wireless Earbuds are available now for US$99.99 and US$79.99, respectively.

Skullcandy Rail ANC and Rail True Wireless Earbuds
Skullcandy Rail ANC and Rail True Wireless Earbuds

Images: Skullcandy.

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