Most gadget accessories function as they should. Wireless charging is one of them. If you really think about it, you can go with any make and model and be done with it, but do you really want to forgo style when you have a choice? If no, then you may want to check out the PlusUs Xpad Wireless Charging Pad. Currently being crowdfunded, PlusUs Xpad Wireless Charging Pad stands out as the world’s thinnest and first-ever flexible wireless charging pad.

PlusUs Xpad Wireless Charging Pad

Wait. I may need to beg to differ because, I am very sure I have seen an even thinner one. Granted that one is probably not flexible. Plus, this one really has the style that sets my heart fluttering. PlusUs is not greenhorn in making awesome gadget accessories that oozes with style (they were the same folks who made the LifeLink smartphone cable). Xpad features an adaptive smart chip technology that automatically detects any Qi compatible device and delivers charge at the fastest speed set by the device manufacturer, and at up to 2x faster than standard wireless chargers.

PlusUs Xpad Wireless Charging Pad

Moreover, unlike some wireless charging pad which requires you to use the supplied wall charger, Xpad lets you use any wall chargers, be it Power Delivery and Quick Charge fast chargers, or standard USB chargers – thanks in part the the aforementioned smart chip that will provide the highest power output based on the wall charger being used. It can also be used with laptops with USB or USB-C ports. Making the wireless charging possible is a specially engineered thin and flexible coil and so, no, the coil is not pulled from someone else’s inventory.

PlusUs Xpad Wireless Charging Pad

Xpad also boasts early detection that senses the user’s phone before contact and thus ensuring early fast connection without the need to search for the charging spot. Other notables include LED indicator, overcharge and foreign object protection, eco-friendly outer materials, and durable inner cork structure that ensure a safer and cooler charging every time.

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Xpad is available in three outer materials: natural cork, Italian leather and timber veneer. If you down for an uber stylish charging pad, you may want to consider backing Xpad on Indiegogo. A pledge of $32-55 will secure yourself a unit if the campaign gets funded.

PlusUs Xpad Wireless Charging Pad

All images courtesy of PlusUs.

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