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This Is Xpad, The World’s Thinnest And First Flexible Wireless Charging Pad

Most gadget accessories function as they should. Wireless charging is one of them. If you really think about it, you can go with any make and model and be done with it, but do you really want to forgo style when you have a choice? If no, then you may want to check out the PlusUs Xpad Wireless Charging Pad. Currently being crowdfunded, PlusUs Xpad Wireless Charging Pad stands out as the world’s thinnest and first-ever flexible wireless charging pad. Continue reading This Is Xpad, The World’s Thinnest And First Flexible Wireless Charging Pad

LifeLink Smartphone Cable

USB cable is one of those necessarily evil you love to hate, but yet you can’t leave home without, simply because your portable battery charger needs it to charge your smartphone. a cable might not be cumbersome, but nevertheless a pain in the butt to bring around, until now. meet the LifeLink Smartphone Cable, a super portable USB cable that is no longer than a credit card when closed and no thicker than two stacked together (that’s 1/10″ or 2.5mm thin). it opens up to 7 inches (18 cm) long with the two sections being joined by a tough Teflon cable which, together with the rest of the cable, forms a rugged and durable cable which can stand up to rotation, twisting and still remain flexible enough for charging. it is kind of hard to explain how this ‘miracle of cable’ works and so we shall leave it to the self-explanatory video, which you can find after the break, to do so. Continue reading LifeLink Smartphone Cable