USB cable is one of those necessarily evil you love to hate, but yet you can’t leave home without, simply because your portable battery charger needs it to charge your smartphone. a cable might not be cumbersome, but nevertheless a pain in the butt to bring around, until now. meet the LifeLink Smartphone Cable, a super portable USB cable that is no longer than a credit card when closed and no thicker than two stacked together (that’s 1/10″ or 2.5mm thin). it opens up to 7 inches (18 cm) long with the two sections being joined by a tough Teflon cable which, together with the rest of the cable, forms a rugged and durable cable which can stand up to rotation, twisting and still remain flexible enough for charging. it is kind of hard to explain how this ‘miracle of cable’ works and so we shall leave it to the self-explanatory video, which you can find after the break, to do so.

the thin and foldable design allows it to be slipped easily into your skinny’s pockets, your wallet, or looped around your keychain, keeping it handy wherever you go. created by three Aussies, the LifeLink Smartphone Cable has another merit to it: with every LifeLink purchased, PlusUs will contribute to a cause of your choice, such as providing education for a child, shelter for a family, or clean water for a community. for a limited time, you can pre-order the LifeLink Smartphone Cable for just $14, which will eventually retail for $24. available in micro USB format for Android and other devices, as well as the 30-pin connector for older Apple devices and Lightning connector for new Apple devices. though the latter would cost an additional 2 bucks. check out a product pitch video below to learn more.

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