when we talked about Ray-Ban, the Aviator is perhaps the single most iconic (thanks in part to Top Gun) shades from the former NY-based company (now Italian own, btw) – especially the model with gold rim. note we said ‘gold’ which is obvious that the frame is just gold color and nothing more, however, the Scrooge McDuckian in you don’t need to feel despair, cos’ apparently, you can have one that not just have the look of gold, but one that is crafted from real-deal pure 18-karat gold and mind you, that’s not plating we are talking about. this luxe up Aviator sunglasses is paired with a set of polarized neophan green lenses for that extra legacy look and of course, offers high level of vision clarity that does not alters the colors.

the best part of the deal is, it looks pretty much like the legendary Aviator, so chances are your Solid Gold Aviator won’t be a target of criminal minds when you are and about. limited to just 1,200 pairs, each pair of the Ray-Ban Folding Aviator Sunglasses is numbered and engraved, and comes complete with an elegant brown leather case for storage and has a Certificate of Authenticity (along with a unique product leaflet) to prove its worth, just in case anyone has the audacity to question its genuinity. and all that luxe that only you know of is going to punch a serious $3,200 hole in your bank vault. talked about opulence. but on a slightly serious note, we kind of dig the idea of not blatantly showing off.

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Ray-Ban Aviator Solid Gold Sunglasses

Ray-Ban via Freshness

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