O2 Curve Mask 1.2 by O2 Industries

Going along with the principle of having a face mask is better than not wearing one, we like to point you to this fancy and somewhat high-tech, premium face mask from O2 Industries called O2 Curve Mask 1.2.

O2 Curve Mask 1.2 cannot guarantee protection against the novel coronavirus that is currently ravaging the world, but hey, like I have said, some form of barrier between you are the potentially dangerous air is better than none at all.

Besides, O2 Curve Mask 1.2 is designed with pollution in mind and considering that it can protects against particulate matter down to 0.1 micron, it may be of some use and will do so with a lot of style. Well, if that matters to you even a time like this.

The mask is tested at the Air Pollution Research and Innovation Laboratory at the University of Waterloo and certified by Nelson Labs.

O2 Curve Mask 1.2 by O2 Industries

It is made up of three parts: an interchangeable ergonomic shells, an electrostatic filter and finally, a medical-grade silicon seal. The package is round off with adjustable with straps with ultra soft silicone ear loops and adjustable neck strap with magnetic clip.

If stylish protection is your game, you may want to consider picking up the O2 Curve Mask 1.2, but be warned. The price is pretty steep.

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It sells for $69.99 a pop. Yikes.

Images: O2 Industries.

Source: Gear Patrol.