In addition to the Ultraman and Monsters Uniqlo Graphic T-shirt Collection from the Uniqlo 2020 Spring/Summer drop, two new collaborations were announced by Uniqlo. The first is the Evangelion x UT Graphic T-Shirt Collection and the second is the UT Gunpla 40th Uniqlo Collection.

Evangelion x UT is something I have been looking forward since the last collab several years ago which I managed only to secure one design.

This latest collaboration, which is expected to land on April 17, is in commemoration of the new Evangelion movie, Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 slated to hit the theaters on June 27.

All told there are eight designs in the collection, featuring new illustrations and Evangelion movie poster arts.

The UT Gunpla 40th Uniqlo Collection also has a total of eight designs, featuring popular gunpla motifs. But that isn’t the best part. Well, I mean, it is, but making it even more interesting is… if you pick up two Gunpla Bonus UTs, you will receive a UT Original Exclusive Gunpla kit – a choice of Gundam or Zaku II).

The UT Original Exclusive Gunpla kit is while stocks last, of course.

The UT Gunpla 40th Uniqlo Collection will go on sale starting April 24, 2020.

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Each t-shirt from either collection will sell for 1,500 Yen (US$14).

Images: Uniqlo.


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