Well, it looks like we have made a mistake. The previously mentioned Dr. Martens x Hello Kitty collection IS NOT part of the 1460 Remastered series collaboration. That was a separate collaboration.

Dr. Martens x Beams x Babylon 1460 Remastered
Dr. Martens x Beams x Babylon 1460 Remastered was the third of the twelve collaborations

The third was actually a collaboration with Japanese street wear label Beams and LA label Babylon. We apologized for the blooper. Here’s the official description of the Dr. Martens x Beams x Babylon 1460 Remastered:

“An imaginative amalgamation of the three brands, the 1460 Beams x Babylon boot is detailed with a triple-branded lace charm and standout debossment on the tongue. We’ve swapped our yellow stitching and heel loop for black and orange, with 3 matching sets of laces in black, olive and orange. “Chaos” is debossed on the quarters, and the boots sit on a triple branded sole pad.02”

Unfortunately and not surprisingly, the $170 special 1460 Remastered was sold out. But it is not too late to catch up.

Keep your hopes up on the fourth another collaboration which is a partnership between Dr. Martens and the notorious British punk rock band Sex Pistols.

The Dr. Martens x Sex Pistols 1460 Remastered Boots is true to the punk rock fashion. It is presented in black Milled Smooth leather emblazon with “Six Pistols”, “Anarchy” and “God Save The Queen” on the heels and on the upper, and it appears to sport a newspaper print inner. The word “Anarchy” can also be found on the shoelace.

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The Dr. Martens x Sex Pistols 1460 Remastered Boots will not be alone; it is accompanied another release, a 1461 shoe featuring print of the front pages that permanently sealed the band’s notoriety in the music industry.

If you are interested in securing a pair or both pairs, be sure to get your signed up to be the first to know when it drops.

Images: Dr. Martens.

Source: BallerStatus.

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