Quirky Trek Support Backpack could be the ultimate gadget bag

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(photos: Quirky) Quirky Trek Support | US$130.00(pre-sale) | www.quirky.com

gadget-toting road warriors have always face the same problems: power hungry gadgets and managing these gadgets in the bag. i mean, its easy to put all the gadgets in one bag but accessing them with ease is usually a big issue, especially when you are checking into a flight. here’s where the Trek Support backpack comes in. the Trek Support comprises of three parts: the backpack itself, the gadget dock and the laptop sleeve. the latter two are easily removable from the backpack as and when you need to. the gadget dock here deserves a worthy mention. it is a battery-powered USB gadget dock that not only organizes your gadgets with its individual mesh pockets of various sizes (a total of four pockets, to be exact) but it has an integrated battery that allows for charging of up to three USB powered devices simultaneously.
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the backpack itself features a large main compartment with a wraparound clamshell opening, outer zipper pocket for smaller essentials like your wallet and passport, and a slew of other pockets for whatever stuff you may have on the road. the laptop sleeve, on the other hand, is pretty much a standard affair that offers protection to your laptop with padded nylon construction but with an addition of velcro back to secure to the back of the backpack. as you can see from the images after the break, the backpack’s clamshell design allows it to be opened wide for airport screening without the hassle of removing the laptop from the bag. this feature proves to be a huge advantage when your hands are full. those frequent flyer will know what i mean. its no fun having to juggle with removing your laptop, hanging on to your jacket, passport and stuff while going through the security screening process.

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the Trek Support exists as another Quirky projects and is invented by one William Fine. it is now available for a pre-sale price of $130. a few more look of the Trek Support after the break.

Quirky via Holycool

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