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Tortuga Travel Backpack

when we talked about hassle-free travel, it means keeping yourself away from the luggage belt whenever possible, so you can get out of the airport to wherever you want – fast. you can do so with a cabin-friendly, wheeled luggage and keep one hand busy at any one time (or both hand busy, if you have a latte in your hand), or you could free both of your hands with the Tortuga Travel Backpack. unlike most backpacking backpack, the Tortuga Travel Backpack is sized as a carry-on, which means you can cross out checking in the luggage on your list, and a front-loading system provides convenient packing and retrieving of items, so you can pack your stuff however you want and not worry about having to pull everything out just to get to those at the bottom. Continue reading Tortuga Travel Backpack

Jacquard Camo Weekender Bag by KILLSPENCER

who doesn’t love a little camouflage in our accessories? but we also know that not everyone is overly thrilled with realistic camo, which is why Jacquard Camo Weekender Bag looks like a pretty good alternative. crafted from a rich and yet lightweight woven Japanese Jacquard Camo material, the Jacquard Camo Weekender Bag is voluminous enough for a 2-3 day trip. an open-top design provides easy access into the bag and is “well appointed” in both the features and materials aspect, including bullhide leather handles, a removable and adjustable bullhide leather mil-spec nylon webbing shoulder strap, a thoughtful black bullhide leather side handle for getting your bag in and out of the overhead compartment a breeze, IFAC class 1 fire retardant and waterproof black nylon interior, two outside pockets that can accommodate iPad mini, an inside zippered pocket sized to fit an iPad and 11″ MacBook Air, two internal sock/boxer pockets, foam lined bottom and side panels for rigidity and cushioning, and finally, wrapping up with a pair of Swiss-made Riri zippers in antique silver finish. Continue reading Jacquard Camo Weekender Bag by KILLSPENCER

ProTravel Carry-on Bag by Minaal

there are many travel bags to go around. mostly just look good, but doesn’t work well, or works pretty well, but looks less than desirable. well, the ProTravel Carry-on Bag by Minaal just happen to be both practical and looking handsome at the same time. a rarity, if you ask us. when it comes to ProTravel Carry-on Bag by Minaal, it is all about traveling, about getting in to your flight and out in the quickest time and frustration-free whenever you need to retrieve something from anywhere inside the bag. it makes traveling a joy right from the start; from the moment you start packing to the traveling to unpacking. Continue reading ProTravel Carry-on Bag by Minaal

2013 TUMI for Ducati Collection

Ducati may be known for its motorsport excellence, but it does have a softer side and that mellower character comes in form of the 2013 TUMI for Ducati Collection, a retro chic travel bags and luggage that would be a perfect fit for those looking for a classy look. inspired by the motorsport racing era and the Italian motorcycle marque’s 1972 championship winning bike, the iconic 750 Imola Desmo, this retro collection comprises of four pieces: Scrambler Leather Rucksack (#65182; $595), Bronco Top Zip Leather Crossbody (#65104; $425), Apollo Leather Crossbody(#65105; $495), and the apple of our eyes, the Evoluzione International Carry-On (#65120; $995). common all four is a saddle-colored textured leather with perorated details and metal hardware, with the exception of the Evoluzione which is of a bi-material construction consisting of brushed alloy, triple-layer polycarbonate, along with the aforementioned leather. Continue reading 2013 TUMI for Ducati Collection

TUMI T-TECH Cool Hunting Backpack

until the day when a smartphone can truly does it all, we are resigned to the fate of lugging along multiple gadgets when we hit the road. the solution for carrying all these geek’s essentials is obvious: a backpack, but not all backpack qualifies as the backpack that could keep your gadgets and accessories impeccably organized. that’s what the dudes at Cool Hunting realized and decided to take things into their own hands, and so when renown travel gear maker TUMI came knocking on their door about the idea of an ideal travel bag, these guys jumped on the opportunity to create a bag that’s touted to be the best bag for day to day usage from your daily commute to trekking around the globe. Continue reading TUMI T-TECH Cool Hunting Backpack

EO Travel Collection by Incase

EO Travel Collection by Incase
EO Travel Collection by Incase | from US$149.95 | goincase.com

traveling and gadgets don’t go hand-in-hand, especially with the tightened airport security and not to mention that these days, we have more than just a single laptop to bring with us. this is where EO Travel Collection by Incase can help. the collection consists of five travel bags: Hardshell Roller, Roller, Roller Brief, Backpack and Duffel – all designed to make your security check ordeal a little more painless. following the Incase’s tradition of clean, minimalist design mantra, all bags are carry-on compliant with most airlines and feature dedicated padded compartments Continue reading EO Travel Collection by Incase

Hard Graft Shore Collection

Hard Graft Dopp Kit / Shore
Hard Graft Shore Collection | from £145.00 | www.hardgraft.com

the demand for stylish products never cease. by now, your gadgets are probably covered by stylish accessories but what about the rest of your life? obviously, they also need a boost in the style department, if they haven’t already do. the new Hard Graft Shore Collection could help in this aspect. the collection comprises of the classic 2Unfold with a new old look, the Flat Pack in Shore, the Dopp Kit in Shore, as well as Square1 Holdall in Shore for your light traveling needs. these bags are crafted from vegetable tanned leather that is now signature to Hard Graft but instead of the usual wool felt, the bags have a new companion material: the British heavyweight waxed cotton canvas. Continue reading Hard Graft Shore Collection

Hard Graft CarryOn Suitcase & Frame1

Hard Graft Carryon Suitcase and Frame1 Camera Bag
Hard Graft CarryOn Suitcase & Frame1 | from £295.00 | www.hardgraft.com

those who love the beautiful mobile gadget accessories dished out by Hard Graft must also been yearning for the same exquisite style treatment for their other loves such as traveling and photography. well, if those are on your mind then you will be thrilled to know that Hard Graft has your wishes covered. folks, meet Hard Graft CarryOn Suitcase and Frame1 SLR Camera Bag, two beautiful bags crafted in the same awesome Hard Graft tradition to satisfy the style-craving inner you whenever the road calls upon you and whenever you are on your exploratory photography journeys. Continue reading Hard Graft CarryOn Suitcase & Frame1

Pan Am Vintage Travel Bags and Accessories

Pan Am 70s Original
(photos: Pan Am) Pan Am Vintage Travel Bags & Accessories | from US$34.00 | www.panam.com

Pan Am may be defunct for two decades now but it’s spirit remains till this day but instead of taking to the sky, this iconic brand of the 20th century exists in the form of lifestyle accessories such as bags of various types, belts, and iPad case. i, for one, grew up wanting to be a pilot largely because of Pan Am and i don’t even reside in U.S. just imagine the influence it had to the world, both as a brand and as an aviation company. anyhow, the Pan Am bag collection includes travel bags, totes, messengers, sling bags, and the bag that start it all, the Orion bag. Continue reading Pan Am Vintage Travel Bags and Accessories

TUMI Tegra-Lite Luggage

TUMI Tegra-Lite Luggage Collection
(photos: TUMI) TUMI Tegra-Lite Luggage | from US$595.00 | www.tumi.com

despite my anti-traveling sentiment, i still have a soft spot for travel luggage and this is especially true if the luggage bears a sleek look or are crafted from some exotic materials (animals not included, though). the TUMI Tegra-Lite Luggage collection is just one those that dazzles in my travel luggage dictionary. this hard shell travel case is made Tegris, a polypropylene thermoplastic composite material that has seen application in armor, NASCAR race cars, as well as protective football gear. available exclusively to TUMI, whom naturally took advantage of the superior strength and lightweight properties to present these travel luggage to protect your belongings while you jet set around. i will be honest: it was love at first sight for me. Continue reading TUMI Tegra-Lite Luggage