This is Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag by LV menswear artistic director/Off-White founder, Virgil Abloh. Up until before Abloh’s involvement, LV was never radical like, you know, Balenciaga, and never associated with being artistic. Basically, it is the way purist like me like. But things have changed, the Airplane Bag is one example.

Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag by Virgil Abloh

But why an airplane-shape bag? Well because, how else would anyone know you are jetting off to somewhere, right? Just kidding. That’s totally not the idea behind it. But really, the real reason is always marketing talk. Words that drive emotion. And for that, we shall not dive into it.

Now, back to the product itself… Strangely, though. This bag appears to be inspired by a military airplane and not a commercial jet. Hmmm, so does carrying this bag says that you are being shipped out? I mean, it should at least look like a modern passenger jet, no? Just saying…

Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag by Virgil Abloh

Anywho, this particular bag was first revealed in January during Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2021 show in Paris which the French luxury label revealed puppets decorated sweater and the wearable cityscape jackets.

Apparently, it is available now, but TBH, I can’t, for the love of life, locate it online. Perhaps, the Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag by Virgil Abloh is only available at brick and mortar stores? God knows.

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That brings us to the problem with online magazine and news reporting. Most outlets don’t ever link to anywhere concrete when they reported “it is available.” Like, where, where? Jeez.

Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag by Virgil Abloh

It took me a long time to put this 300+ words post because, I can’t find any source that points me to the sale page even though a report says it is available now. There is no detail about the bag either.

I guess all we need to know is, LV has a bag with its signature monogram and in a shape of an airplane? And also, it reportedly cost a whopping US$39,000. Reportedly. Again no source that back that up. It appears that the price tag originated in a post on Twitter by SAINT.

Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag by Virgil Abloh

Images: WireImage for ABA (Dominique Charriau)/Louis Vuitton.

Source: SCMP/Nerdist.

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