It does not matter if Godzilla is a friend or foe. Whenever it appears, destruction ensues. That said, it is totally strange when it does the opposite: cleaning up mess. OK. Technically, the Bandai Shin Godzilla Floor Wiper Cover does not clean the floor. It is, as the product name suggests, a cover for a typical floor wiper.

Bandai Shin Godzilla Floor Wiper Cover

Floor wiper, for those who don’t know, is a broom/mop hybrid and this plush (yes, it is a plushie!) has an open in the center that allows it to be slide through the pole of a floor wiper and thereby, achieving the illusion of Shin Godzilla cleaning the floor.

There are two things to note here that are pretty quirky. First of all, toy maker Bandai actually makes an accessory for a cleaning product and also it is totally weird that it doubles as a cuddly plushie… after you have get it so near the floor, picking up dirt. Tell me that is not strange at all.

Bandai Shin Godzilla Floor Wiper Cover

Thankfully, Bandai Shin Godzilla Floor Wiper Cover is totally hand-washable. However, this being of fabric material, you ought be prepared for the possibility that some stains may not be easily removed or removed at all.

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As far as a cuddly plush toy goes, it is, of course, based on 2016’s Japan movie, Shin Godzilla. The plush features realistic eyes and skin, reproduced by printing on glossy, smooth polyester material, which Bandai said, would prevent dust from taking a ride.

Bandai Shin Godzilla Floor Wiper Cover

Even so, I would not let it do double duty. I would not even use it as a floor wiper cover.

The Bandai Shin Godzilla Floor Wiper Cover is available for pre-order from Premium Bandai Japan for 5,280 yen (around US$49). Last checked, it has yet to be listed on Premium Bandai International.

Bandai Shin Godzilla Floor Wiper Cover

Images: Bandai [JP].

Source: Japan Today.

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