You know those claw machines? Yeah. The machine that a dad infamously made his child climb inside to retrieve the gift instead of using the claw to pick one? Given the notoriety of claw machines, you will be tempted to do the same, or maybe even destroying it.

Rocket Candy Grabber from Firebox

Well, not if you own the claw machine and it requires zero quarters. The Rocket Candy Grabber from Firebox lets you grab to your heart’s content at the comfort at your home.

It comes complete with a joystick and buttons for maneuvering the claw to your target before sending it on a descend to pick it up.

We couldn’t agree more with the description: “re-live those halcyon (but frustrating) days down at the arcade.” But Firebox forgot to add “even more frustrating when you were trying to impress your lady!”

Rocket Candy Grabber further features light up function and like the real deal, touts you with music as you try your best to snatch the candy.

Get it from for US$44. Sweet treats not included.

Images: Firebox.

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