Obvious religious undertone aside, Neon Genesis Evangelion offers a grim look of a future where aliens are hell bent in destroying us. However grim it is, Evangelion remains an anime and therefore it isn’t too real to make us think “what if it really happen?” But trust me, that’s until you watch the ultra-realistic CGI version created by Chinese video creator Somei Sun.

Ultra-realistic CGI Evangelion Short

Sun’s creation, titled Evangelion: It Can (Not) Be True was based on an original trailer he created to promote Oppo Ace 2 EVA Limited smartphone. Apparently, that was super brief, but with Evangelion: It Can (Not) Be True, Sun expanded on the theme and it is suffice to say, it absolutely blew our mind.

Save for maybe footages of some crowds, the video was entirely CGI – including the glass beaker with water and a pair of hand (Shinji’s) holding a Sony Walkman in a subway car. Believe me. You were be as blown away if you see the footage.

Anywho… if the original anime isn’t grotesque and gloomy enough for you, Sun’s creation is for you. The vibe is entirely different seeing ultra-realistic Lilith nailed to a crucifix. Lets just say that Lilith never looked this creepy.

Skip ahead and get straight into the short film. Trust me, fans’ mind will be absolutely blown. If you are keen to learn more about the making of Somei Sun’s Evangelion: It Can (Not) Be True, you can check out the behind-the-scene materials on Behance.

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Images: Behance.

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