BAPE x Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back Collection is yet example of how anything and everything can be celebrated as long as there’s money to be earned. But hey, any thing that has to do with the original trilogy is always welcome.

BAPE x Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Collection

Marking the 40th anniversary of the second movie of the original Star Wars trilogy, Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, BAPE has released a series of A Bathing Ape-touched Star Wars t-shirts.

Expect to find Chibi version of the characters with cameo by BAPE signature camo print, BAPE’s mascot character, BABY MILO, and more. Each t-shirt features the official Star Wars Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary logo.

BAPE x Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Collection

In addition to the t-shirts, BAPE also teamed up with Medicom Toy to release a couple of collectible figures, including a BABY ‘Boba Fett’ MILO (VCD BAPE Boba Fett, 13,800 yen, or roughly US$131) and BE@RBRICK version of Boba Fett (BE@RBRICK BAPE Boba Fett, starts at 24,000 yen or US$228).

The figures received the due BAPE camo treatment with the latter rocking a weathered look for a battle-worn Boba Fett. Also BE@RBRICK Boba Fett will be offered in three sizes (100%, 400% and 1000%).

BAPE x Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Collection

BAPE x Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back collection is set to available starting August 01, 2020. The collection can be found on BAPE’s online and off-line stores, ZOZOTOWN, as well as Medicom Toy online and off-line stores.

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Images: BAPE.

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