NERV Designated Emergency Ration Set

Tokyo-3 in Neon Genesis Evangelion and its residents are used to carnage and destruction, which possibly, resulting them having to rely on MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) ration, aka airline food for the grounded.

NERV Designated Emergency Ration Set

Never mind if we never officially see the ‘ration’ because, it is available in Japan for fans who want to have a taste of Tokyo-3’s MRE. I kid you not.

NERV Designated Emergency Ration Set is a thing and while it might be MRE, it looks kind of tasty. OK. I admit. I am a little hungry when writing this. So, my perception maybe marred by a growling stomach.

So, yeah. NERV-themed ration is something residents in Japan can buy. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a “NERV-issued” ration if it doesn’t have a packaging with NERV design on it.

NERV Designated Emergency Ration Set

Apparently, the food are made using the same process as MRE supplied to members of the Japan Self-Defense Forces and disaster relief organizations. In other words, they totally ready-to-eat. Though I think a little heating up won’t hurt.

It looks like a ‘crate’ has 5 flavors, each paired to steamed white rice. Preppers may want to know that each pack actually has a shelf life of three and a half years.

The NERV Designated Emergency Ration Set is being sold in Japan through Amiami for 7,000 yen plus tax (about US$67).

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Images: Evangelion.

Source: SoraNews24.