I am pretty sure this Iron Man Mark 47 Life-size Bust by 7J Toys Bank (7J玩具银行) is not officially licensed. I mean, if it is officially licensed, it wouldn’t have cost just 6,188 yuan (or US$968).

7J Toys Bank Iron Man Mark 47 Life-size Bust

This is a 1:1 scale bust that we are talking about and in the world of collectibles, an officially licensed bust usually costs a lot more than a thousand dollars.

Anyways, the bust is, as denoted by the product name, based on the Iron Man suit as seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

7J Toys Bank Iron Man Mark 47 Life-size Bust

But who cares if it is or it is not (officially licensed) when it looks so good? Well, ‘good’ on the screen, that is. We tried to reach out to the maker, 7J Toys Bank, but to no avail. No surprise here cos’ if you are doing bootleg collectibles, you probably don’t want to be found.

Never mind the maker because we have got all we want to know about this beautiful collectible. For example, we know the bust measures a massive 68 by 40 by 42 cm (about 27 x 16 x 17 inches) and it is made from a combination of PU and poly stone.

7J Toys Bank Iron Man Mark 47 Life-size Bust

Other features include a faceplate that can be manually open, a removable chest plate that reveals loads of mechanical details, and light-up function in the eyes and the arc reactor. The interior of the helmet also has a light-up feature too, albeit a little more muted.

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Since this is not an officially licensed product, you may not find it in mainstream toy stores in the U.S. However, if you so desire, you can pre-order it from China’s largest online retailer, Taobao.com. The asking price is the aforementioned 6,188 yuan (or about US$968).

7J Toys Bank Iron Man Mark 47 Life-size Bust

Images: Taobao (Mando Studios).

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