Ninebot has done it again. It has made scooter all-so-classy and upmarket when in reality, in its home country, a luxury car is the mark of success. Not going to lie. I was almost sold.

Ninebot N Series Electric Scooter

I was willing to ditch the BMW 2 series for a Ninebot N Series Electric Scooter. I guess it will make an old man like me look cooler? Probably not. But for a person who appreciates all-thing beautiful, transportation included, I like what I see.

In all honestly, there’s nothing extraordinary with the Ninebot N Series Electric Scooter. It just looks sleek. That’s all. It may just make riding scooter cool again since after the original Vespa. Maybe?

Ninebot N Series Electric Scooter

Under the hood, the Ninebot N Series Electric Scooter is powered by a Ninebot custom 10-inch brushless motor, which has a rated power of 800W and 1,200W, depending on the model.

Oh yes, it has not one but two N: the N70C and N90. While the rated power is different, both models have a top speed of 47 km/h (29 mph).

Ninebot N Series Electric Scooter

Further differences between the two models are the battery and the brakes. For the latter, the N70C is equipped with a front disc and rear drum and the N90 gets an all-around disc.

In the battery department, the N70C has a 1,200 Wh 60V 20Ah battery pack good for a theoretical range of 70 km (43 miles) while the N90 packs a 1,440 Wh 60V 24 Ah setup that offers a theoretical range of 85 km (53 miles).

Ninebot N Series Electric Scooter

Other shared details include an extra-long 580 mm saddle with extra-large storage underneath, super long stepping board (422 mm), a single frame construction, 10,000 hours rated intelligent LED headlight, automatic over-the-air software update, hydraulic shock absorbers front and back, and multiple ways to unlock, including Ninebot AirLock, NFC card, electronic key sharing, passcode, app unlock, et cetera.

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The Ninebot N Series Electric Scooter is being sold in China with a starting price of 3,499 yuan (about US$547).

All images courtesy of Ninebot [CH].

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