Oppo x Evangelion Smartphone and Wearables

Evangelion fans in China are getting some sweet treat from handset maker, Oppo. Oppo has revealed a series of gadgets co-branded with cult anime franchise, Evangelion. If you think it is just a smartphone dress in Evangelion Unit-01 colors. Oh, no, you’d be so wrong. It is more. Way, way more.

Oppo x Evangelion Smartphone and Wearables

Oppo and Evangelion have gone all out on this one, and beyond just smartphone. In addition to a Oppo Ace2 EVA Limited Edition, there are also an Asuka-themed Oppo Watch EVA Limited Edition and Oppo Fitness Tracker EVA Limited Edition, and an Unit-00-themed Oppo Enco W31 true wireless earbuds.

There’s even an Evangelion branded Oppo fast wireless charger too. And these co-branded gadgets are not skin deep.

Oppo Ace2 EVA Limited Edition

The Oppo Ace2 EVA Limited Edition smartphone goes beyond just having the iconic Unit-01 purple/green colorway. It actually has a sculpted back that sets it apart from the regular Oppo Ace2 device.

Additionally, it comes with a matching EVA-01 themed smartphone case, and NERV-themed charger, wired in-ear headphones and an umbilical cord inspired cable and charging brick, and believe it or not, a SIM tray ejector in the likeness of the Spear of Longinus. A Spear of Longinus SIM ejector??! Now, that is super cool!

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If those aren’t enough, the phone is presented in an Entry Plug case (albeit, a shorter version) inside a NERV-themed packaging. I am very sure Evangelion fans all over will be clamoring for this – yours truly included.

Plus, true fans will want to complete the look with a separately available Limited Edition Evangelion Oppo Air VOOC fast wireless charging pad, as well as an Asuka-themed EVA Oppo Watch or Asuka-themed EVA Oppo Fitness Tracker, or maybe even the Unit-00 themed Enco W31 TWS earbuds.

The smartwatch is presented in a red case with gold buttons, and comes in a Unit-02 themed packaging, an EVA themed watch band (in black and red), an EVA magnetic charging puck, et cetera.

Oppo Ace2 EVA Limited Edition

Oppo Ace2 EVA Limited Edition comes in 8 GB + 256 GB, and it is available for pre-order now in China for 4,399 yuan (about US$616).

As for the Oppo Watch EVA Limited Edition, the Oppo Enco W31 EVA Limited Edition TWS earbuds, and the Oppo Air VOOC EVA Limited edition wireless charging pad, they are also available to order too. The watch will sell for 2,199 yuan (around US$308), while the TWS earbuds and the wireless charging pad will sell for 399 RMB and 299 RMB (approx. US$42 and US$56), respectively.

Price and availability of the EVA Fitness Band is to be announced.

All images courtesy of Oppo [CH].