Oppo Now Has An Evangelion-themed Smartphone, Smartwatch, And A Fitness Tracker

Evangelion fans in China are getting some sweet treat from handset maker, Oppo. Oppo has revealed a series of gadgets co-branded with cult anime franchise, Evangelion. If you think it is just a smartphone dress in Evangelion Unit-01 colors. Oh, no, you’d be so wrong. It is more. Way, way more.

Xiaomi Poke Fun At New iPhones’ High Prices With XR, XS And XS Max Bundles

Rumors prior to the unveiling of the new iPhones suggested that the new small devices from Apple may be a tad ‘cheaper’ than its outgoing predecessor, but as the unveiling last week have showed us, the rumored ‘cheaper’ pricing was not true. If anything, Apple is pushing the limits of what consumers are willing to […]

Xiaomi Unveiled A Slew Of Products, Including A Transparent Phone

We are going to be quick here because there are way too many things happening here and we are not about to go on a 1,000 words article on it. It is about Xiaomi. The Chinese mobile phone maker (and maker of everything under the sun) has introduced a couple of new Android smartphones, plus […]