GoSun, the maker of solar-powered cooker, now does the opposite of heat: coolers. In fact, the company has been making coolers since 2019. The GoSun Chillest is its latest.

GoSun Chillest Electric Cooler Indiegogo

Like the previous iterations, GoSun Chillest doesn’t need ice to chill. No ice means more space for actual things needed to be chilled and no yucky, soggy weiners and sandwiches.

GoSun Chillest is a 45L cooler with 2 refrigeration zones for freezing (yes, a freezer!) and cooling, and it is battery-powered to keep your food cold for over 10 hours.

GoSun Chillest Electric Cooler Indiegogo

A built-in compressor regulates temperature for each zone. You can easily set the temperature from anywhere between minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 20 degrees Celsius) with a companion app or on the cooler itself with touch buttons.

GoSun Chillest can get so cold that it can actually make ice. That’s like having a refrigerator anywhere you go!

GoSun Chillest Electric Cooler Indiegogo

Like any true outdoor gadgets, GoSun Chillest offers multiple ways to power it. It can be powered by the built-in 100 wH lithium-ion battery, AC or DC outlet, and it can be powered by a power bank or an elbow solar table.

Those are not it. It can be further kitted out to bring all manners of creature comfort to your outdoor party, including a Bluetooth speaker, a bottle opener and even an umbrella stand.

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GoSun Chillest Electric Cooler Indiegogo

Rounding up the package is a set of all-terrain wheels, along with extras like interior lighting, tie-down straps, and organization baskets.

If you are sold by the idea, you can pre-order GoSun Chillest Electric Cooler on Indiegogo where you can secure a unit for US$579 or more.

Images: GoSun.

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