steak knives. who doesn’t have them? but does your steak knives really speak of your taste in life? hardly, we should think. so if you are looking for something that look as good as it function, and/or as good as your medium rare slabs would, then you should really and we mean really, check out the Shastra Series Steak Knives Set by Blades of the Gods. also, if might add that you should have considerable amount of disposal income to do so cos’ this super charming knives set is going to hit your with a $9,150 bill. alarming price tag aside, the Shastra Series Steak Knives Set by Blades of the Gods is for folks who demand more than just an implement to slice through those tantalizing meat, but also one that scores big in the look department. it combines ergonomic functionality with traditional aesthetics of intricate Balinese carvings that offers a uniquely different feel the next time you consume your steaks (rustic, perhaps?). features include an ebony handle with sandblasted sterling silver elements and a carbonized steel edge blade that were hand-forged to 161 layers of manganese iron, pure nickel and a high carbon steel. these knives are not made for a knife duel, but if it were, we are sure they would rein in the pugilistic arena. the Shastra Series Steak Knives Set by Blades of the Gods comes in a set of eight with each set neatly arranged in purposed made box crafted from indian rosewood and wrapped in fine black calf skin for that extraordinary touch of exquisiteness. and why not? after all, we are talking about a set of knives that cost nearly a grand.

Blades of the Gods via Born Rich

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