unless you have a FonePad-like ‘handset’, crowding around your tiny smartphone for some impromptu photo or video sharing session can be an awkward experience, not to mention the strain to your handset’s battery life. actually, there is a better solution to that and that is the Sanwa 400-PRJ018 Portable Projector for Smartphone. from its product name, you know it is a portable projector designed for use with your smartphone, but what you may not know is, it is also a portable battery for your always juice-hungry smart devices. as a projector, it offers 85 ANSI lumen of projection with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixel (16:9 AR) on any flat vertical surfaces and has an effective projection distance of between 0.2m – 3m, effectively giving you an equivalent of 10- to 60-inch screen sizes. the light source behind it is, of course, LED which has a life expectancy of 20,000 hours and a 3,800 mAh, good for one and half hours of continuous usage. though fully juicing its built-in lithium-ion battery via an AC adapter takes up to 3 hours.

the built-in battery can also be used to charge up your Android devices (via a USB output port), but that will be at the expense of the projector battery life. so we can assume that it is really more for ’emergency situations’. other features include a 1000:1 contrast, manual focus control, MHL/HDMI port, a 3.5mm audio output jack, option to be powered by AC outlet, tripod mountable and it has its own built-in mono speaker, complete with volume control, for convenience sake. though developed mainly for Android devices, it could also use it with Apple’s small devices with the aid of an adapter. while it is suited for small business presentation, and sharing of multimedia contents with family and friends, it could also doubled as a handy portable charger when the situation arises. unfortunately, it looks like the Sanwa 400-PRJ018 Portable Projector for Smartphone is currently a Japan-only thing with a price tag of 42,800 Japanese money (roughly US$447).

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Sanwa [JP] via Geek Gadgets

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