Tape Gun Dispenser – stop or i will seal and stick!

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(credit: Baron Bob) Tape Gun Dispenser | US$9.95 | www.baronbob.com

even though this item is currently out of stock, i can’t resist featuring it. simply because of its novelty factor. most of us will need a tape dispenser, so why not make it a little more interesting? while this may not be able to harm anyone, it can certainly be of an assistant when it comes taping. styled as a replica of a .45 caliber handgun, this Tape Dun Dispenser will take in any standard Scotch tape roll refills.
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it promised to let you apply the adhesive tape with just one hand, effectively making your sealing or sticking job a single shot affair. i admit that i have a penchant for novelty stuff, among the many other things and this is no doubt one of them. let’s just say that i have a soft spot for stationery. you know two things can happen if you use this dispenser: first, you will stop leaving fingers print on your Scotch tape and second, you will be sealing and sticking with style too.

for $9.95 a pop, it seems like being stylish or cool don’t necessary need to break the bank. agree? and it comes packaged with a roll of tape to get you started.

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