If Five Toe Footwear Isn’t Weird Enough, How About One That Has Suspension Heel?

Now I know how humans’ fashion may evolved from “regular” to over-the-top sci-fi fashion as seen in movies like silver screen Aeon Flux. Beatrix Aruna Pasztor is not with Balenciaga, but I think the Parisian fashion house best known for radical pieces in recent times could surely benefit from the costume designer’s future forward fashion […]

Balenciaga Has A Transparent Couch Stuffed With Discarded Fashion Pieces

I am sure we are all familiar with designer furniture, but have you seen a designer furniture that actually incorporates fashion pieces? Well that, my friends, is exactly what Balenciaga Sofa by Harry Nuriev is about.

Someone Turned A Balenciaga Triple S Into A Functional Bong. Yes, Really!

Sneakers, whether or not it has been worn, are not objects that you want to be close to your face, much less taste it or take a smoke out of it, but for a rather wacky project, men fashion blog Dandy Dairy decided that it is a good idea to retrofit a bong into a […]

Can’t Get Enough Of Weird Fashion? Balenciaga T-Shirt Shirt Is Here To Help

Just when we thought Balenciaga is done with weird fashion, we saw this, this t-shirt from the Spanish fashion house. Actually, we should really refer it to as shirts because, as you can see, it is a t-shirt that has a checkered long sleeves stuck to the front. Hence, the name T-Shirt Shirt (not a […]

Balenciaga Elevates Crocs To High Fashion By Adding Platform To Them

Just when we thought putting precious rocks on Crocs was outrageous, Balenciaga shows us that Christopher Kane’s idea might be way too tame. The Parisian fashion label has, yet again, outdone itself in loud fashion and this time, it has turned out platform version of the worst thing to happen to footwear, Crocs. Yes. Believe […]

Balenciaga Makes Dirty A Fashion With Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers

You know what? Balenciaga has quickly become the designer-label-we-love-feature because, in recent years, its products have, in recent years, never failed to leave us bewildered. From its iteration of the cheap Chinese travel bag to the blatant copy of Ikea’s Frakta bag to car mat skirt, we had some laughs. The brand shows no sign […]

Balenciaga Lends Lambskin To Cheap Plastic Shopping Bag. Yes, Again.

Ah… we finally figured out what Balenciaga is up to this year. This year, it is all about “inspired-by” theme. Instead of dreaming up fashion pieces from the ground up, the Parisian fashion label must have thought turning everyday items into upmarket versions is a fun thing to do. It probably is because I must […]

Balenciaga Did It Again. This Time, It has A Car Mat Skirt. Yes. That Car Mat.

When it comes to fashion, sci-fi movies often depict them as one) uniformed look (such as in the The Island), or two, super avant-garde (like in The Fifth Element). TBH, I don’t know what fashion holds for us in the future, but then we stumbled upon Balenciaga latest Fall 2017 collection and we went like, […]

Ikea Responded To Balenciaga’s $2,145 Frakta Tote-lookalike, Hilarity Ensues

Usually, when we talk about knock-off, the non-original product (or sometime, idea) is of something poorly made and cheaply priced, but that’s not what happen in the case of Balenciaga’s $2,145 Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag. So, you must asking: “who knock-off Balenciaga?” Well, the thing is, Balenciaga’s Arena appears to be the knock-off in […]