Balenciaga Trash Pouch

Balenciaga is no stranger to controversial designs, such as putting an expensive spin on otherwise cheap carriers. The Spanish luxury brand have had turned heads with the luxury interpretation of the iconic red-white-blue bag, the IKEA Frakta bag, as well as cheap plastic bags. But all those are nothing compared to what it has done lately: putting a luxury spin on garbage bags, aptly called Trash Pouch.

Balenciaga Trash Pouch

Well, at least the previous attempts are not bags for trash. But if there’s any consolation, Balenciaga did not draw its inspiration from any old black trash bag; it clearly looked to the more upmarket garbage bag with drawstrings to shut the trash in.

Anyhoo, Trash Pouch is obviously not plastic. It is made from supple calfskin leather that – according to Hypebeast – has been deliberately coated to give it an irregular gross, replicating an actual trash bag.

Oh, there was also a cautious tape outfit:

Balenciaga Trash Pouch

The bag is presented in a choice of four colorways: black with black leather drawstring, white with red leather drawstring, blue with black leather drawstring, and yellow with black leather drawstring. It is missed opportunity, IMHO. There should have been a black with red or blue drawstring to imitate Glad or Hefty’s disposal garbage bags.

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While those from Glad or Hefty go for 25-35 bucks, Balenciaga Trash Pouch commands a cool, definitely not-for-trash, US$1,790.

Images: Balenciaga.

via Hypebeast.