Ah… we finally figured out what Balenciaga is up to this year. This year, it is all about “inspired-by” theme. Instead of dreaming up fashion pieces from the ground up, the Parisian fashion label must have thought turning everyday items into upmarket versions is a fun thing to do. It probably is because I must admit Balenciaga’s recent products did put a smile on my face, starting with turning cheap, nylon red-white-blue bag and Ikea Frakta bag into a luxury versions, and more recently, a cat mat skirt. Today, we hear that shopping bags are also in order too.

Supermarket Shopper L Bag by Balenciaga

When I said “shopping bags,” I do mean those plastic bags. This time the target of its inspiration is German supermarket, Edeka. As you may have anticipated, Balenciaga’s take is anything but cheap, both in the build and the sticker. With Balenciaga Supermarket Shopper L, as it is called, it is made from lambskin leather and features a black cotton canvas lined zipper interior, patch pockets, a pair of long handles that make it more shoulder-friendly than the plastic variety, and it comes decorated, on one side, texts “The Power of Dreams and double B print in place of Edeka’s branding and slogan “wir lieben lebensmittel,” or “we love foods.” The colorway is, of course, the familiar yellow and blue against white background. Cheeky you, Balenciaga.

Anyways, being a Balenciaga, it is naturally not cheap. Expect to shell out a cool $1,050 (or £715 if you are in the U.K.) for one. Now that’s one hell of a pricey plastic bag, isn’t it? Though, technically, it isn’t plastic.

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Supermarket Shopper L Bag by Balenciaga

Image: Balenciaga.

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