The glitz and glamor that comes with being a Formula 1 race car driver probably did not change over the last 40 years. Then again, we will never know since we ain’t race car drivers. However, you can kind of experience the struggle of a race car driver in a Formula race with the New Star GP video game by New Star Games and published by Five Aces Publishing Ltd.

The coolest thing about this game is, unlike so many racing games that strive for photorealistic graphics, New Star GP takes the opposite way by going retro-style. In fact, retro-style is kind of New Star Games’ thing. I love the graphics so much that I feel like I would have sinned if I didn’t share this game with you here.

In this fast arcade motorsport game, you can choose to play career mode where you will start your career in the 80s and work your way through decades of racing. Along the way, you will upgrade your car and support team. There is a Championship Mode where you can challenge to set high scores or play with up to three friends in split-screen mode.

New Star Games have recently announced the launch of Early Access on the Steam store. The initial Early Access version has races set in both the 80s and 90s and contains 56 individual race events taking place in iconic racing venues including Brisbane, Quebec, and Côte D’Azur. The full release will evolve the Career Mode to include future decades of racing along with new cars, locations, tracks, and rivals.

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The New Star GP is now available for download on Steam Early Access for US$17.99.

Images: New Star Games.

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