Grumman F14 Tomcat Owners’ Workshop Manual

Now, I am sure we are familiar with Haynes, the publishing firm known for manuals that guide to maintaining and repairing automobiles and motorcycles, and in recent times, even teaches you how to survive a zombie apocalypse (very aptly filed under “Practical Lifestyle Manual” and yes, it is 100% real!). It seems like whatever ride you have, Haynes Manuals will have you covered, but what if your ride happen to be the once icon of U.S. air superiority, the aircraft that synonymous with the movie Top Gun (Paramount Pictures, 1986), the Grumman F-14 Tomcat?

Well, you know what? Haynes Manuals has that covered too. I am not even kidding. There’s actually a Grumman F-14 Tomcat Owners’ Workshop Manual. So, if you have a F-14 down and out, this is the manual you will need. Or maybe not. As it turns out, the ‘manual’ exists purely to provide “insights into operating and maintaining the US Navy’s legendary variable-geometry carrier-based air-superiority fighter,” covering all models from the 1970s up to the more recent 2006. So, whatever year model of your F-14 is, this book should have you covered, but do note the keyword “insights.”

“Insights” here pretty much means you won’t step-by-step repair or maintenance instructions and this has been confirmed by Foxtrot Alpha when they reached out to McCann, the publishing house behind Haynes Manuals. McCann, according to Foxtrot Alpha, said that this purported F-14 manual is more of detailed technical reference book which also touches on history of this iconic multi-million jet fighter. So, no. You won’t find step-by-step instructions on repair or maintenance, but you will learn the inner workings and if you are genius, you will probably figure out how to go about making your illegal Grumman F-14 Tomcat airworthy again.

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Hmmm, why do I have a feeling that this may be April’s Fool that came too early? Nah. It is probably legit. After all, it was tweeted by the publisher itself, specifically saying it “is a tribute to the Grumman F14 Tomcat.” Here’s the tweet to prove we are not BS-ing anyone:

Image: Haynes Manuals.

via Foxtrot Alpha.