If you think your love for Mustang transcends the garage and roads, then you really have to meet Christian Mygh and Jonathan Kamstrup because the duo, collectively known as REC Watches. Why? Because they will turn your destined-for-scrap Ford Mustang of any year into a beautiful timepiece. I know it sounds kind of cruel to cut up a beautiful classic, but hey, when it has to go it has to go and so, why not pull some pieces of it and make it memories that last? With your Mustang turned into a watch, it can accompany you wherever you go, even into your favorite watering holes. Surely, you can’t take Sally, your good’ol Mustang, into a pub, can you?

REC Watches Bespoke Ford Mustang Wrist Watches

The Denmark-based watchmakers/automobile enthusiasts are turning out ready-made timepiece made out of old Mustangs and they can also create a bespoke watch from parts donated by you too like they did for World Champion Drifter and professional fun-haver Vaughn Gittin Jr. who now rocks a custom timepiece that features carbon fiber bodywork from his 700 horsepower World Drift Series Ford Mustang RTR. What makes REC Watches unique is, they don’t just turn out bespoke timepieces with Mustang soul in it; they create memories of it.

REC Watches Bespoke Ford Mustang Wrist Watches

The duo went to length to trace the history of each vehicle, chat up with previous owners if any, collating stories and images of the car, and then putting them together to create a bespoke video to accompany the final product. Now, that’s true memories which any Mustang enthusiast will come to appreciate. Each Mustang timepiece incorporates the vehicle identification number (VIN), year of production, as well as bearing classic Mustang design cues which may include power dial designed to look like a fuel gauge, showing the remains battery life, and hands, date and dial numbers that are inspired by the iconic car’s dashboard.

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REC Watches Bespoke Ford Mustang Wrist Watches

If you don’t have a Mustang to donate, you won’t be leave out in the cold without a piece of one of the automobile industry’s most iconic car because, REC Watches happen to land themselves with a rare 1966 Raven Black model which they have (somewhat cruelty) turned into 250 pieces of P51-04 wrist watches. You can acquire the limited edition P51-04 (and other models) over at REC Watches website, starting at $1,495.

Learn more about REC Watches in a video after the break.

REC Watches Bespoke Ford Mustang Wrist Watches

REC Watches Bespoke Ford Mustang Wrist Watches

Images: REC Watches.

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