REC Watches The 901 RWB Rotana Watch Has A Piece Of An Actual Porsche Car

Most automobile or motorsports-themed timepieces are mostly, if not all, affiliated by name. The watches from Danish watchmaker REC Watches ApS, however, are not. While it does not have any official affiliation with automakers, each timepiece has direct lineage to motorcars because the timepiece incorporates salvaged, recycled parts from iconic vehicles that are beyond repair.

This Duo Gave Scraped Mustang A New Leash Of Life As Wrist Watches

If you think your love for Mustang transcends the garage and roads, then you really have to meet Christian Mygh and Jonathan Kamstrup because the duo, collectively known as REC Watches. Why? Because they will turn your destined-for-scrap Ford Mustang of any year into a beautiful timepiece. I know it sounds kind of cruel to …