LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary Anniversary Edition

Well, this is going to please fans of LEGO Star Wars. Last month, DK Books announced an updated version of its LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary, the New Edition that comes with an exclusive Finn minifigure (DK, ISBN-13 978-1465478887), and now we heard there’s actually another version of it floating around. And it is titled slightly differently too. This other version is called LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary: Anniversary Edition and it looks different from the get-go.

The Anniversary Edition had LEGO Darth Vader, as opposed to the Luke/Rey/Vader/Stormtrooper/AT-AT. The Anniversary Edition also gets the exclusive Finn minifigure in his bacta suit along with 2 art prints, plus other stuff not found on the New Edition, including 16 pages of brand-new content. Strangely though, it remains as the 160-page hardcover book as the New Edition which makes me wonder if the latter does also have the 16-page of brand-new content.

It might very well be a 20th anniversary print to celebrate the 20th years of LEGO Star Wars with just the cover change. Another strange thing is, this so-called Anniversary Edition does not show up on DK Books catalog. For all we know it may just be a regional thing because, apparently, the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary: Anniversary Edition is showing up in LEGO Shop UK and according to our source, and other countries too. Anywho, now that you know, you can decide which one you want to grab, or perhaps even getting both books?

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You can find LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary: New Edition on Amazon going for $13.29. As for the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary: Anniversary Edition, so far we only noted it is being sold LEGO Shop UK for £17.99 (or about US$23.40). Wait a minute. That’s quite a significant price difference as far as this series of books goes and so, it must be something special to warrant to price difference, no?

Images: DK/LEGO UK.

Source: The Brick Fan.